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"You are the most valuable resource on the planet." 

-Jamaal Mitchell

Programs Offered:

1. How to Develop & Motivate Our Youth: How to Increase Academic Enthusiasm Seminar   

How do we keep our students motivated and wanting to go off to college? We teach students the importance of respect and how to resist negative peer pressure. We teach students how to develop a vision of themselves where drugs and alcohol don't fit into who they are and the person they are becoming is enough.

2. Player One  

Life is a video game. It's a video game full of infinite levels. Each level has a different challenge and each challenge requires a different strategy. In order to advance through the levels you have to complete a specific goal or perform a specific task. Player One is a program dedicated to focusing on the individual's purpose and tapping into their gift in order to reproduce success. This program is the pre requisite of Dreaming Into Reality.

3. Dreaming Into Reality

After you've taken Player One, you're ready to play in the big leagues. Our 24-week personal transformation course is designed to prepare you to turn your dreams into reality and achieve your goals. It will open your mind to all that you are capable of doing, then empower you to do it. Decide right now to astonish yourself with what you can become.

4. Lead the Way

Learn the ancient secrets that govern your life and expand your level of awareness. Lead the Way is specifically designed to help you learn how to use your mind to in harmony with the natural laws of the universe and manifest what you want.

5. Think and Grow Rich 3-day Seminar 

In this 3-day Seminar, we show you how to overcome the fear of failure, explore inner space and building a strong self image. If you can imagine it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. 

6. Interpersonal Communication Skills Training  

Developing effective relationships is the key to life. As a human society, we must be able to reflect, collaborate and possess a confidence that benefits the people around us. Learn the people skills you need to become a great friend, excellent listener and make progress in both your personal and professional life. Become an expert with our 6-Step system that has proven to lead you to success.  

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