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Three Trade Secrets to Increase Your Sales

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Let me start off by saying, Welcome to the Good, Better, Best Blog. Im new to this blog thing, but Im not new to sales. For 15 years my commitment to the sales industry has been to never let it rest until my good becomes my better and my better becomes my best. That is genuinely what I want for everyone; to experience the best version of themselves. Therefore, Im stepping out of my comfort zone by sharing surprisingly simple trade secrets that helped me achieve number one in sales. I ask you to do the same, step out of your comfort zone, as I help you discover, develop, and profit by unlocking your true potential.

1. Listen

Listening is the most over looked and undervalued commodity in the sales world. When you listen with the intent of fully understanding your customers, you will often find that they will provide you with everything you need to know about what they want, need, and desire. So shut up and let them speak! Put the phone on mute if you have to, until you become disciplined enough to refrain from interrupting. An interruption will undoubtedly make them feel unheard and will ultimately result in you losing the sale.

2. Role-play

Roleplaying is an art of practicing real time strategies for scenarios you will encounter time and time again. While your peers are on their phones, surfing the web, and checking their social media feeds, rehearse your script every chance you get! Rehearse the greeting, intro, discovery, recommendations, benefits, money, overcome objections, and recap as if the customer were on the phone. As a result you will develop a smooth delivery, inviting tone, and impeccable timing. You will know exactly what to say and how to say it to build trust and close more deals.

3. Objection Log

If you're in the retail, communication, advertising, or automobile industry then you will face several objections from your customers. The key to overcoming them is being consciously aware of them and writing them down. An objection log will identify where you need help, so you can develop an action plan for each specific objection. Your sales will increase as your objection log grows because you will be prepared to respond accordingly the next time a customer says the same thing.

Mr. Mitchell is a 15 year Sales Expert in Retail, Communication, Advertising, and Automobile Industries. As a Peak Performance Coach, his reputation for being in the Top 1% at those companies has organically opened up doors in leadership. Because of that, Jamaal Mitchell has a great passion for equipping people with the resources, skills, and opportunities necessary to achieve their greatest potential and live their lives to the fullest. After years in Sales and Youth Mentorship, Mr. Mitchell now sets his vision forward on becoming the most valuable Motivational Speaker in holistic personal and professional development. To join the bi-weekly Increase Your Sales Group Coaching Call

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