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"Your IMAGINATION can take you somewhere you've never been before and

then take you there because you've been there before."

-Jamaal Mitchell, CEO

How may we help you? 

Do you feel like you are stuck on the same level, facing the same boss?

According to creating a routine for yourself has numerous mental health benefits such as coping with change, creating healthy habits, improving interpersonal relationships and reducing stress.


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Jamaal Mitchell is a speaker, peak performance mindset coach and imagineer who works with individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations and corporations looking to increase their performance in their career and personal lives. He believes the key to unlocking the greatest version of yourself is through discovering your purpose, mastering your gift and making continuous quality improvements while only being surrounded by quality people.  

Jamaal has had a prosperous 15+ year career as a sales expert in retail, communication, advertising and automobile industries. Due to his role in a viral 5-day marketing campaign, he received the Annie Malone Heroes, "Salute to Excellence Award" for raising over $91,000 in funding, which led to the outcome of keeping the Annie Malone legacy alive. 

"How well are you playing your game? Your mind is in your hands.

You're holding your remote control."

-Jamaal Mitchell  

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